The University of Life Sciences in Lublin has been enriched with a green wall- an outer vertical garden installed on 24 September 2015 on the Rector’s Building. It is the first green outer wall in Lublin to be used not only for decorative but also experimental purposes.





The installation in the form of a vertical wall is situated on the south side of the Rector’s Building   (next to the emergency exit door) and is 3,3 by 6,05 meters large,  permanently fixed and irrigated by the water-supply system. 22 different kinds of species including lavender and wild strawberry have been used to prepare it.


One of the project authors, mgr inż. Ewelina Widelska from the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture , explains: ‘In the days of massive urbanization one seeks solutions that might to some extent compensate for scarcity of green areas limited by new developments. Installation like that is of great didactic and experimental value, particularly in testing plants’ response to atmospheric conditions.’


The green wall has been created in co-operation with an outer firm, which also commissions the University to do research into the plants used.







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