On 30th September 2016, the University of Life Sciences in Lublin officially inaugurated academic year 2016/2017.There are 2350 first year students starting their education on intramural and extramural courses. Until now, 66 333 students have already graduated from the University.  




The Rector, prof. dr hab. Zygmunt Litwińczuk, in his inaugural speech, emphasized that the main thesis of activity in the coming years will concern the issues of teaching, rationalization and modernization of experimental farms. "Continuous verification of the University educational offer with regard to the needs of labour market and the improvement of study conditions. (..) Our students are to receive training at the level corresponding to European standards. We will support the creation of study courses in English and programs of acquiring students from abroad. (...) Adjusting education to changing economy needs we will expand our educational offer for graduate, postgraduate and specialist courses. "

The matriculation ceremony was attended by candidates representing various field courses, who have distinguished themselves with high recruitment scores. Each of them was fitted for a student by the Rector, and their indexes were handed by the Vice-Rector for Student and Teaching Affairs, prof. dr hab. Halina Buczkowska.

The representative of the student government, Michal Dzieciuch turned to his younger colleagues in a short speech congratulating them on the choice of university and faculty and encouraging them to be active in various student organizations and circles of interest.

Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Demetraki-Palaeolog from the Faculty of Biology, Animal Science and Bioeconomy delivered the first lecture in the new academic year entitled “Honey bee - fashion or an important animal for a man." The professor pointed to the great  interest in bees, not only in the context of the risks they are currently facing.

Finishing the ceremony, the Rector, according to academic traditions, struck the Rector’s sceptre against the table three times saying the words: Quod Felix, Faustum Fortunatumque sit! (Lat. Let this year bring well-being, happiness and prosperity).





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