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Microbiology 1 - schedule


General information:

Microbiology course covers two semesters and includes Microbiology 1 and Microbiology 2 (IV and V semester respectively). We start in summer semester with Microbiology 1 (General microbiology and Virology) and after graduating this course You can continue the second - Microbiology 2 (Mycology and Bacteriology). Each course includes in total 75 hours (including 30 h of lectures and 45 h of lab classes).


Frontal lectures take place every week (2 h, room No 410 or 411), similarly as  lab classes (in total 3h – 1h on Wednesday and 2 h on Thursday, labs No 418 or 413. All lectures and classes are on the same floor in Collegium Veterinarium building, Akademicka 12 street.


Before the start of the each  lab class please prepare:

-        White laboratory coat

-        Shoe protectors

-        Traditional notebook (Laboratory observations diary)

-        Own glass marker pen


Person responsible for Microbiology 1 and Microbiology 2 courses:

Aneta Nowakiewicz DVM, PhD, assoc. prof.

phone: # 48 81 445 60 08

mail: aneta.nowakiewicz@up.lublin.pl (preferred)

Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Institute of Biological Bases of Animal Diseases


Organization of lab classes - assesing rules - general rules - health and safety regulations


Learning materials

  1. Lab classes 1
  2. Lab classes 2
  3. Lab classes 3
  4. Lab classes 4
  5. Lab classes 5
  6. Lab classes 6
  7. Lab classes 7





Protection of intellectual property


General information:

Protection of intellectual property course covers 1 semester and 15 didactic hours.

Frontal lectures are in every two weeks intervals and cover selected topics necessary to follow protection of intellectual property course. Moreover, Students should prepare topics on intellectual property and its protection in accordance with the materials and instructions given individually by the teacher.


Detailed description of topics is available in Syllabuses - go for it.


Lectures are held in Lecture hall A – Collegium Veterinarium

Individual consultations are possible directly with the teacher – cabinet no 410, 2nd floor – Collegium Veterinarium


Person responsible for Protection of intellectual property:

Sebastian Gnat, Msc, PhD, assoc. prof.

phone: #48 81 445 60 93

mail: sebastian.gnat@up.lublin.pl

Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Institute of Biological Bases of Animal Diseases


Organization of classes and materials for students - 2019/2020 summer semester
Schedule - download

Teaching materials for students

  1. Intellectual Property - basic concepts - download 1 - download 2
  2. Understanding Copyright and Related Rights - download
  3. Understanding Industrial Property - download
  4. International Treaties of IP Protection - download


Materials for repetition and exercises

Copyright - quiz

License - quiz 2