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Protection of intellectual property


General information:

Protection of intellectual property course covers 1 semester and 15 didactic hours (lectures).

Lectures are held every two weeks throughout the semester (in odd weeks). Each lecture lasts 2 hours. 

Lectures are held in Lecture hall A – Collegium Veterinarium


Aim of the course:

Acquaint students with the subject of intellectual property in the basics of the legal protection of its various forms, in particular knowledge as an object of intellectual property, copyright, protection of inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, patenting, as well as unfair competition and the protection of databases



Completion of the course has a form of oral answer at the end of the semester


Person responsible:

Dr hab. Sebastian Gnat


Collegium Veterinarium, Akademicka 12, room no 410 (2nd floor)



Protection of intellectual property - detailed description  ]