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Goliszek Anna



Anna Goliszek PhD

Position:  lecturer

Unit: The Faculty of Agrobioengineering , The Department of Management and Marketing, The University of Life Sciences in Lublin

Address; ul. Dobrzańskiego 37, 20-260 Lublin

Tel. +48 81 461 00 61 ( 177 interphone)


Anna Goliszek – sociologist, lecturer, business coach. A graduate  of  The Social Sciences Faculty at The Catholic University in Lublin. Doctoral studies  at  Philosophy and Sociology Faculty of UMCS in Lublin. She defended doctoral thesis  in humanities  in 2001.  A member of Polish  Marketing Scientific Association  and  Polish Association of Production Management.   An author and co-author  of many  science publications, promoter of   numerous master’s thesis, license's and engineer’s thesis.

Scientific interests encompass issues regarding sociology but  especially: sociology of interactions, social communication, social capital, organizational culture, market behaviors.



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